Panchakarma therapy


Ayurveda prescribes  panchakarma therapy as the  best  remedy for almost all ailments as it purifies the body  from toxic waste Settled in the body due to wrong life styles of the modern world .There are five distinct  Stages for panchakarma .Each stages has an important function on our body.That is why utmost care is exercised at vaidyarathnam nursing home while performing  panchakarma on patients .On successful completion of panchakarma, the patient leave our Nursing Home with an improved vigour and rejoins their normal activities with total confidance.five different stages are :


1. Vasthi
       During this stage patients are subjected to medicated enema using time tested Ayurvathic preparations.The aim of this process is to solve any rheumatic and neurological problems in the body. Obesity is another problem which vasthi has proved to be the remedy.

2. Virechanam
      It is a purgation process, which concentrate on purifying your entire body along with vascular system. This method helps us to get rid of various skin related problems also

      In this stage patients are included to vomit. This  stage is for purifying  your chest and stomach .This treatment is a sure cure for chronic bronchial asthma and chronic allergic disorders.

4. Nasyam

       Nasal cleaning is very important in treating head aches including migraine, cervical spondylosis, facial  palsy etc . The patients gets wonderful relief from all the above  problems after practicing nasyam by pouring medicated Ayurvedic oils or other prescribed medicines into the nasal cavity.

5. Rakthamoksham

       It is the best remedy for all ailments caused by impure blood. During this stage, thrust is given on the treatment developed for purifying the blood in the body. Obviously, this  process in the best cure for skin eruptions, psoriasis etc.

Kerala Speciality Treatments or Poorvakarmas

      Panchakarma being a complex process in itself, to get best out of this treatment.Ayurvetha prescribes few preparatory treatments. Snehspanam and swedam are two such preparatory treatments. while snehapanam is an internal treatment by taking medicated oils and ghees,swedam is externally practiced over the body by hot bundle snehapanam also treats  peptic duodenal ulcers ,skin problems and degenerative diseases.

1. Kizhi
In this treatment the whole body is made to perspire by the external application of medicated packs in the form of boluses tied in cloth bags. The packs are made up of Rice (njavarakizhi) or herbal powder (choorna Kizhi) or herbal leaves (Elakizhi) the treatment is useful in musculoskeletal disorders, degenerative conditions and neurological problems etc.

2. Pizhichil

      Pizhichil is another traditional Ayurvadic treatment performed at Vidyaratnam Nursing home effectively.
During this treatment, the patient is laid in a tub specially made from the wood of trees known for its medicinal values. Slow stream of warm medicated oil is applied all over the body along with Ayurvedic messages.Pizhichil is known to be one of the best treatment for rheumatic and neurological ailments.

3. Dhara

       Dharsha is performed on patients as an effective nervine tonic and as remedy for psychosomatic disorders.It is very important that this treatment is conducted  by using preparations exactly as per the Ayurvathic prescriptions for getting excellent results. Dhara is perfomed in our nursing home by expert with many years of experience in this methode of treatment alone.Dhara ,the name is derived from the process of pouring oil (Thila Dhara) or medicated butter milk (Thakra Dahra ) continuously on the forehead.

4. Sirovasthy
It is another efficient treatment methode in which oil is kept over the head in the special cap tied  over the

forehead .past experience has proved that this treatment is excellent remedy for facial palsy, head ache and various neurological disorders connected with brain. There are specialists to perform Sirovasthy in  Vaidyaratnam Nursing Home.

Other treatments

   Other popular Ayurvedic  Treatment performed in our Nursing Home are Avagaha Sweda (Hip Bath), Upanaha Sweda(Poultice),Tharpana and Putapaka (Ophthalmic procedures). These treatments are also carefully undertaken strictly as per Ayurvedic traditions and references.

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