Our plantation tour will give you the opportunity to see the methods of cultivation and harvesting of Tea, Coffee, Pepper, Vanilla, Rubber, Cocoa, Coconut, Areca nut etc.  The tea plantations, factory and the processing unit are well worth a visit. The scenic countryside invites you to take long walks. The heady combination of raw nature and the clean air is a potent restorative.  This tour gives you a special and beautiful panorama of cocoa coffee or rubber plantation.

Vanilla Bean plantation

You can take a tour through the vanilla bean plantation and learn the hidden secrets of this amazing plant that has become one of the most valuable and sought after commodities in the world market.

Rubber plantation tours would be a unique experience of one’s travel. Rubber plantation tours include visits to rubber plantation and to witness the production of rubber along with the traditional way of living and experience the country side life

Our plantation tour will help you  in getting in-depth knowledge and experience in :  
  • Selection of Seed gardens,
  • Selection of Mother palms, 
  • Collection of seed nuts, 
  • Raising nursery, 
  • Maintenance
  • Irrigation
  • Selection of seedlings
  • Spacing
  • Preparation of pits
  • Time of planting
  • Replanting or under planting
  • Selection of site and layout
  • Depth of planting
  • Season of planting
  • Drainage
  • Shading
  • Cropping systems
  • Mixedcropping
  • Mixed farming
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